Jack and Jill Party

Are you considering a joint party to celebrate your upcoming marriage? Host a Jack and Jill or Stag and Doe party in Toronto to combine the best of both your worlds. Spend time together under a single roof with all of your family and friends. A Toronto Jack and Jill is the ideal party for the bride and groom who like the idea of a shared event where they can entertain their guests and raise money for the big day ahead.

Popular Games at Jack and Jill Parties

Make sure your Toronto Jack and Jill party offers a wide selection of activities to choose from. You want to have just the right number of games so that tables are full but not overcrowded. A few of the most common games at Jack and Jill events include poker, blackjack, prize wheels, Plinko, Horse Race, mini putt, foosball, and Joker Poker, which involves your guests in the festivities the moment they arrive. We help you decide which casino rentals and game rentals are best for you and your guests, and staff your event with professional dealers, game operators, hosts and hostesses.

How to Earn Money at Your Toronto Jack and Jill Party

Party Game Revolution’s event staff is trained to entertain and engage your guests throughout the evening. Their energetic and friendly personalities work wonders in big or small crowds, motivating people to play the games and selling out raffle tickets in no time. Our hosts, hostesses, MCs, casino dealers and pit bosses work together to make your Toronto Jack and Jill party a huge success.

Jack and Jill Party Services

Planning a great party from start to finish can be overwhelming and time consuming. To make your job easier, Party Game Revolution offers custom Jack and Jill party packages, which incorporate all of the party services you need including games, accessories, hostesses and tickets. Click on any of the images below to learn more.