Impersonators / Look-A-Likes

From Marilyn Monroe and Elvis to Madonna and Michael Jackson, our impersonators perform live shows and do exciting walk-throughs in the audience to create memorable interactions with your guests.

Las Vegas Showgirls

Add glamour to your next event with our Las Vegas Showgirls. Wearing jeweled costumes and extravagant headdresses, our Showgirls can stroll through your event, take pictures with your guests, or put on fabulous live performances.

Magicians and Illusionists

Who doesn’t enjoy a little magic every now and then? Keep your guests entertained with magicians and illusionists who perform onstage and offstage as they mingle with your guests and carry out exciting acts.

Singers and Bands

There’s no match for live entertainment. From classic rock bands and jazz quartets to current soul musicians and pop personalities, we help you select the best artists in Toronto for your celebration.

Psychic Readers

Create an unusual twist to your event with a professional psychic, tarot card reader, palm reader or handwriting analyst. Your guests are sure to leave both entertained and enlightened.


Add some humour to your next event with one of Party Game Revolution's comedians. Make your guests laugh throughout the evening with hilarious standup comedy from one of Toronto's brightest stars.

Henna Artists

Give your guests an opportunity to experience temporary tattoo artistry at its finest. Henna artists from Party Game Revolution are creative and talented, providing you with a variety of tattoo designs to choose from.


Lighten the mood by offering free caricature portraits at your next party. Watch as the caricaturist uses white paper and a black marker to bring each of your guests’ unique characteristics to life.


Let one of our enchanting hypnotists take the stage at your upcoming event. Entertain the crowd with a mesmerizing show involving one or more of your guests who volunteer to be part of the action.

Disc Jockeys

Blasts from the past or the latest radio hits, a professional disc jockey can entertain your guests with any tunes of their choice. Have a specific theme to your event? Our DJ can cater the playlist to your genre.

Face and Body Painters

Let your guests experience a tallented air brush artist / face and body painter at your next function in Toronto.


Our promo models are available for all types of events. They can even where costumes provided by you or we can supply the costumes too.

About Entertainers

Toronto Entertainers

Whether they are classic, contemporary, mysterious or hilarious, Toronto entertainers from Party Game Revolution know how to capture the attention of your guests. No matter the type or style of your event, live entertainment is an excellent added touch. Over and above great food and a fantastic venue, our entertainers in Toronto interact with your guests and give them a performance they’ll never forget.

Choosing the Right Entertainers in Toronto

Party Game Revolution offers a variety of entertainment options and guides you through the selection process to ensure you book the perfect Toronto entertainer for your next event. First, we help you identify the mood of your event. Is it corporate, personal, themed or set in a particular era? Is your event casual or formal?

Second, we invite you to consider the types of people who plan to attend your event. Are they older adults, young children, twenty or thirty year-olds? Does your crowd scream corporate executive or chic casual?

Finally, we help you decide whether you want music, comedy, performances or interactive entertainment. Or maybe you think a mix of different entertainment styles would be best. Once you identify these key aspects of your event, finding the perfect Toronto entertainers is quick and easy.

High Caliber Professionals

When the caliber is high, the performance is outstanding. Party Game Revolution employs exciting, talented, and high-class Toronto entertainers. Our party entertainers attend your event in full costume, on time, and ready to make a lasting impression on you and your guests.