Audio Visual

Sound Equipment

Party Game Revolution's sound equipment amplifies your speeches, songs and live presentations. Whether you're hosting an intimate party in your home or a large event at a ballroom venue, the crisp audio produced by topnotch sound equipment adds a certain level of professionalism to your event.


Illuminate your venue with custom lighting packages from Party Game Revolution. By implementing the perfect lighting features, you can accentuate the visual presentation of your event. Our creative party planners help you emphasize certain areas and highlight key aspects of your event's layout.

TV and Truss

Party Game Revolution carries 20 and 50 inch flat screen TVs with built in speakers. Rent TVs to play video games, sing Karaoke, or put on a slideshow at your next event. All TV rentals come with a truss for easy viewing.

Projector and Screen

Display your corporate video or show a themed movie on one of Party Game Revolution's large, 5' wide projector screens. Keep entertainment high and interests piqued with original multimedia attractions at your party.

About Audio Visual

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals

Put the final touches on your upcoming event with stimulating audio and visual effects. Party Game Revolution's audio visual rentals give you the ability to offer a unique event experience for your guests to enjoy. Setup a karaoke station, hold a Nintendo Wii tournament or pump up the volume at your DJ booth. From crisp audio to HD video, your guests are sure to be engaged from start to finish.

Audio Rentals in Toronto

Don't let your message be muffled with poor sound equipment. With Party Game Revolution's audio rentals, public speakers at your event are able to talk at a normal volume and still be heard by every guest. Energize the dance floor with our professional-grade sound equipment that blasts your playlist selections in perfect melody and sharp sound.

Visual Rentals in Toronto

Captivate your crowd with powerful imagery, lighting and video. Display themed videos on your rented TVs or projector screens, and colour-coordinate a lighting package to suit the mood of your event. Create the perfect combination of audio and visual to make your event pleasing to your guests' sense of sight and sound.